Privatisation of Planning Powers and Urban Infrastructure in the Netherlands

Throughout history there has always been a clear distinction in the citymaking process between the role of the Administration as a planner and manager of public infrastructures and spaces and the role of private entities as property developers and builders. Following a general economic trend on privatization of public functions, in recent years we have seen private entities assuming more complex responsibilities concerning the planning and management of our cities. Not only providing services of general interest like public transportation or the supply of electricity, water and sewerage, but also drafting zoning plans, controlling property development and creating and maintaining urban infrastructures and public spaces.

Private sector involvement in urban development practice has grown in the past decades in the Netherlands

The question is how far privatization of planning powers and urban infrastructures can go due to the political nature of the decisions involved. And more specifically, how can planning laws contribute to achieve a balance between economic efficiency and democratic legitimacy in city planning and management.

Order book Privatisation of Planning Powers and Urban Infrastructures @ Peter Lang Verlag (ISBN 978-3-631-65873-4)

A copy of the book chapter ‘The Netherlands’ from Hobma and Heurkens can be found here:

Hobma, F. & Heurkens, E. (2015). Privatization of planning powers and urban infrastructure in the Netherlands. In S. Mitschang (ed.) Privatization of Planning Powers and Urban Infrastructure (pp. 121-151). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag.

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