Introducing international approaches to real estate development

Real estate development is a significant factor in shaping the built environment. It shapes the way people live and work, and by doing so determines and enables human activity to evolve. Around the globe, real estate development forms a contemporary reflection of societal needs and market demand of particular geographies. Nonetheless, due to globalization we increasingly witness similar needs and demands for space despite institutional differences existing between countries and cities. These intriguing notions ask for a better understanding of the real estate development phenomenon in all its complexity. This chapter introduces the prospect of a new possibility for the study of real estate development on an international scale to enhance both knowledge and understanding.

The book’s aim primarily is to enhance the depth of learning, plus encourage a stronger professionalization of practice and policy in the built and natural environment. First, there is an introduction of the key focus on ‘international’ and ‘comparative’ elements of real estate development. This is followed, second, by the structure and themes covered in this book that enrich our conception of real estate development. Third, a justification of the selection of national real estate development practices covered in this book is given. Fourth, the challenge of comparing and understanding real estate development on a global scale is met by introducing some key methodological concepts and theories in comparative international real estate development. Fifth, on the basis of these findings a new conceptual model for comparing and understanding real estate development is constructed. A summary and prospects for the book will then provide a conclusion to the chapter.

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Chapter 1 Introduction by Squires and Heurkens can be found here:

Squires, G. & Heurkens, E. (2014). Introduction: introducing international approaches to real estate development. In G. Squires & E. Heurkens (eds.), International Approaches to Real Estate Development (pp. 1-22). London: Routledge.

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