Reflectie op Gebiedsinvesteringszones

Erwin Heurkens, 16 October 2019, Ministery IenW, Utrecht CS

Gebiedsinvesteringszones (GIZ) (Urban Investment Zones) are a rather new phenomenon for the co-investment in areas characterized by both urban redevelopment and real estate and space management. On behalf of the Praktijkleerstoel Gebiedsontwikkeling and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management I was invited to give my reflection on GIZ.
My main focus in this presentation are what we can learn from related or similar Anglo-Saxon instruments. My conclusion is that a GIZ has the potential to combine public and private investments in a designated area focused on spatial and real estate improvements for the benefit of all. However, its experimental status at the moment might prove ineffective for aligning investments as a GIZ can be seen as an alternative for the existing ‘cost recovery’, and it’s missing legal (public or private law?) status might provide undesired ground for free-ridership.

Download (PDF, 2.29MB)

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